CCNA and Beyond: Nearly ready for publishing

The first printed proof arrived just before xmas, and looks good.

The book is longer than any of my other books, as you would expect from the amount of material it covers!

It really is in the final stages now. 

Its just the little things that are left now, such as trying hard to make get command output to stay on one page (sometimes this is unavoidable though), and there are cosmetic changes, just getting everything consistent (such as table background colors).

The book is being worked through by a colleague of mine, but he's going through at a good pace. This is really helpful as after spending months on this, sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees, and little things can slip by, so having a second pair of eyes (and fresh eyes as well), will hopefully ensure that any little mistakes are caught before publication.

All being well, it should be published at the end of January! 

CCIE #49337, author of CCNA and Beyond, BGP for Cisco Networks, MPLS for Cisco Networks, VPNs and NAT for Cisco Networks.

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